October/November 2021 Vacation Day 9 PAGE 30.

November 3, 2021:  We are at the Westerly Airport to take some photos with my camera and to ask about an old friend I visited in the 1980's.

This is the access road to the Terminal building, to General Aviation where visiting pilots flying in have to go, and of course parking in front of the terminal building at the left side of this image.

A very simple sign is visible from the parking lot.  We arrived at 10:35 AM.  This is my photo taken November 3, 2021.

The main entrance to the terminal lobby and the airlines that fly from this airport.  November 3, 2021

I took this photo on November 3, 2021 and just now noticed part of the lettering on the window is missing after "OPERATED BY".  I am creating this web page on January 4, 2022.

This is a Britten-Norman BN2 Islander twin engine commuter airliner.  They are very good for short flights.  November 3, 2021

These airplanes are owned by New England Airlines and make the short flight over to Block Island, Rhode Island multiple times a day.  The flight time to the island is about 12 minutes.  The ferry boat takes much longer, I did that ferry ride without a car the first time I went to Block Island to work with the owner of the cable system over there.  He is also the owner of New England Airlines.  The next time I went to Block Island, I flew on an airplane like the ones seen above.  In those days it was called Block Island Airways.  November 3, 2021

I introduced myself to the lady at the ticket counter and asked if my friend still owned the airline.  She confirmed he still  owned the airline and that his wife is still alive after the 30 years that have passed from when I was here.  He had stopped by the ticket counter about an hour before I arrived this morning.  I wrote a short note on how to contact me on the back of my current business card and asked her to give it to him when she sees him again.  Here is the Google Earth view of the terminal when they passed this way in August 2017.  We departed at 11:00 AM on November 3, 2021.

Linda wanted to go to this Dollar Tree store after the visit to the Westerly airport.  I parked the car at 11:08 AM and walked with Chase while she was inside the store.  Our departure was at 11:45 AM.

The Pawcatuck River is the state line and is where Rhode Island route 78 ends on the bridge in the center of the river with a Zero Mile post.

The Connecticut state line was less than 4.5 miles from the Dollar Tree store.  

Connecticut route 2 takes us up to I-95.

We were up on I-95 southbound at 11:56 AM heading toward New York City and points along the route.

Dairy Queen has a store with a Shell Gas station at exit 59 on I-95 in Connecticut.  We arrived here at 12:59 PM and departed after a fast food lunch at 1:38 PM.  The only rest room here was a porta-potty.  We went looking for a real rest room at the next exit going south.

We went to the next exit on I-95 and took CT route 77 over to US 1 where I bought gas at 1:51 PM across the street from a CVS drug store.  They did not have customer access to a rest room at the gas station.

We went across the street to the CVS drug store at 1:53 PM where we had our down time in the rest room over on the north side of US 1.  We left CVS at 2:24 PM and left town on US 1 south bound to get on I-95 at exit 57.

We got on this ramp to I-95 at 2:27 PM heading south again from exit 57.  The next large city is New Haven, Connecticut.

There is a major interchange in New Haven where I-91 begins and goes up to the border with Canada.  I-95 continues southbound along the coast of the Long Island Sound to New York City then south in New Jersey.