October/November 2021 Vacation Day 5 PAGE 10.

October 30 2021:  I drove by the gift shop to drop Linda near the front door.  The Google photo vehicle took this same path as you can see below.  Part of the parking area is seen in the bottom right corner of this image.

I parked the car on the northwest side of the gift shop and took Chase for a walk around to the south side of the building near the main entrance.  He liked seeing the people going in and out, but of course, he was happiest when Linda game out the front door.

Less than a mile from the location seen in the photo above, we came to the park headquarters and an attached book store accessed by the path on the left side of the image below.  As with all our stops, Chase gets out of the car and explores all the grass areas near the parking lot and up to the front door of the book store.

Just to the East of park HQ is this side road going to the lower falls and the area where rafting is possible.  We stayed on the main road going to the left.

The Google Earth photo vehicle pulled into this overlook area in June 2014, and so did we today, October 30, 2021, to get the big image of our visit to Letchworth State Park.

This is an image found on Google Earth of the Big Bend area.  All the rocks seen here are granite.

My last photo downstream from the waterfalls is the "BIG BEND" part of the river where the "Grand Canyon of the East" name is justified.  Unlike the real Grand Canyon in Arizona with the different colors of the rock layers, the colors here come from fall foliage of the different trees.  This is the "MONEY SHOT" photo of our fall colors trip.  October 30, 2021.  Compare the river level in my photo below which is higher than the river level seen in Google Earth image above.

Less than a quarter mile north of the "BIG BEND" viewpoint is the Castile exit at the left turn ahead.  That road goes west to State route 19A less than 2 miles north of the west entrance to the state park.

The terrain was rising as we approached the gate that marks the Castile exit.  Farmland is adjacent to the park boundary seen here.

The last thing to see as you leave is this "Thank You for VISITING" sign that can be overlooked on the way out.  The Google Camera car did not miss it as you can see here. We passed this way at 5:03 PM heading north.