May 20, 2004 - Welcome to Cicely, Alaska...

...which is 83 miles east of Seattle and really is the town of Roslyn, Washington.  The building shown below is at one end of the main business district and has the KBHR radio studio located in the store front windows.
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How many times has John Corbett sat inside this studio to offer up the enlightened comments of Chris Stevens in the morning.  A lot of dust has settled in here.  Things are pretty much the way the set decorators left it when the show ended.
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Ex-astronaut Maurice Minnifield (Barry Corbin) ruled the roost at KBHR from this office.
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You can see the office above when you walk up to this door and look through the glass.  Another famous traveler is visible in the reflection on the window at the left of the picture below.
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Here is another view of the store front control room of KBHR, 570 on the AM radio dial.
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Diagonally across the street on the opposite corner from KBHR radio is the world famous BRICK.  This was the center of the social life of Cicely, Alaska.   The reality is that this is a popular watering hole in Roslyn, Washington.   The food is good there, and there is a dance floor in the back and pool tables, too.  None of the interior shots of the tavern on the Northern Exposure television show were filmed inside this building.  All those scenes were done in Hollywood on a sound stage.
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This is the real inside of the Brick with its own local history that goes back into the 1800's.
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Ruth-Anne Miller (Peg Phillips) ran her store in Cicely, Alaska in this building across the street from the Brick and one block west of the KBHR radio station.
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Not to be outdone by Hollwood set decorators, some local artists have made their mark on the buildings in Roslyn.
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I hope you enjoyed my little trip to Oregon and Washington in May 2004.   You can learn more about Northern Exposure at this link:

I will be heading back to Washington again September 19-24, 2004.  I will post new pictures from that trip when I can.  In the meantime, enjoy the rest of my web site if you have not been there yet.

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