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June 18, 2016:  I was last to get up to the private meeting room for lunch.  This are family members, friends, and invited guests.   Stories are being exchanged at lunch.
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Art is a major story contributor and makes a toast for all of us here today.
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On the other side of the table are the actress Suzy Brack (still in character as Jerrie Mock), Rita Mock (the only one smiling for the camera), and her mother Nancy Mock.
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Susan Reid and Ruth Jacobs sit near the head of the table.  It is during the luncheon meeting that Ruth asks me the question "Can you create Google Earth flights for my 1996 seven-continent flight around the world trip?"  I gave her the basic information I would need.  She has provided that information via email and we have discussed the additional information that would be needed for accurate depictions of each flight segment.  Take off and landing times, not just flight duration add to the adventure.  I reminded her of Jerrie Mock's flight from Bermuda to the Azores and the dormant volcano she spotted poking up through a layer of clouds at sunrise when she had more than 200 miles remaining to Santa Maria island.  It was the accurate takeoff time from Bermuda and the landing time at Santa Maria that insured I could create those visuals in a Google Earth flying tour.
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After lunch we had some book signing by the historic members for those of us who came along recently.  Wendy is smiling since she publishes these books.  Art Weiner chats with Bob Blanton.  Bob is the son of the man who built the long-range fuel tanks for 38 Charlie.  Bob signed my 50th Anniversary copy of Jerrie's book "Three-Eight Charlie" at the bottom of page 2.  His father is in the photo at the top of page 2 helping Jerrie to put on her life vest just before takeoff from Columbus.  Jerrie mentions Captain Art Weiner near the bottom of page 9 in the book as she departs Columbus and opens the first of her strip jet navigation charts he provided for her journey.
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Before leaving the museum, I had Susan Reid stand next to her sister's life-sized black and white image.  Unfortunately, my flash bounced off the flat image and I did not notice it until much later.
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I worked some digital magic today (July 3, 2016) to produce this updated image in full color.   I was talking to Susan the other night on the phone and asked about how tall they were in 1964 when this color image of Jerrie was taken just before the departure from Columbus.  Susan was about an inch taller than her sister Jerrie.  I placed Jerrie's image in the same spot as the B&W image seen above. I also erased any part of the B&W image by replacing it with carpet and other back ground previously unseen in the image above.  Who knows, maybe The Works Museum can get a new COLOR version of Jerrie to stand by this airplane.
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I mentioned Marcia Downes husband earlier.  Here is Jonathan Downes photo as promised in the exhibit space.  He is well over six feet tall and was very helpful putting the wings on the airplane when it was assembled.  Here he is taking a cell phone photo for a young boy in the airplane with only the top of his head visible to my camera.  It was a good day at the museum.
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At the end of Saturday at the museum, Ruth took this photo of Nancy Mock (Rita's mom), Art Weiner, and Suzy Brack still in wig and costume as Jerrie Mock.
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Wendy organized a Saturday night dinner at "The Old Bag of Nails" restaurant here in Newark, Ohio.  Ruth Jacobs took a couple of photos as Art Weiner checks the restaurant menu.  Bob Blanton and his wife June are in a conversation with publisher Wendy Hollinger in this photo. 
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On the other side of the table, I sit with Susan Reid and Ginger Merrill, one of the people who honored the wishes of Jerrie Mock to have her ashes spread over the Gulf of Mexico.  This online web article has the details of that day:
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Dick Merrill (left) is the owner and pilot of a Cessna 180 that is painted exactly like Jerrie Mock's airplane N1538C, AKA "38 Charlie".  Dale Ratcliff is the guy who procured the replica Cessna for the exhibit.  He is a close friend of Wendy.
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Here is the last image I received from Ruth Jacobs pictured with Susan Reid, the younger sister of Jerrie Mock.
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