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June 17, 2016:  I stopped by the Columbus Airport on Friday afternoon to take this photo of the place where Jerrie's 1964 record flight began.  This hangar was the location of Lane Aviation in 1964.   This photo looking through the airport perimeter fence was the best I could do to show most of the building as it exists today.
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This second photo looks through a gap in the fence at an access gate a little further south from the photo above.  The fuel tanks block the view of the hangar door.
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NetJets has the hangar on the east side of the old Lane Aviation hangar.
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This is the view of the main portion of the Columbus Airport.  The older control tower is seen near the left side of the photo.  The modern tower is seen at the right side of this photo is also visible in the Google Earth scenery.
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This closer look shows all the new hotels constructed along the airport access road between the new control tower and the terminal buildings.
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Jerrie Mock Exhibit at the Works Museum

If you think the Air & Space Museum has an exhibit about Jerrie Mock, you are only partly correct.  Her Cessna 180 is on display at the Udvar-Hazy Museum near the Dulles Airport.  The Works Museum in Newark, Ohio is an affiliate of the Smithsonian Museum and has the first hands-on exhibit to provide details of her 1964 flights around the world.  That full-size black and white image of Jerrie below was taken the morning of her departure on the 29-day adventure.  This similar aircraft is open for museum visitors to get a feel of what it was like for Jerrie inside her airplane on those long flights.  This Cessna fuselage with wings is mounted on a stand to save floor space in the exhibit area as you will see in more photos further down this page.
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Here is that original photo from March 19, 1964 prior to her departure from Columbus Airport.
JerrieB4Launch_CMH2.jpg (99872 bytes)

This display case is in front of the LEFT wing of the Cessna in the exhibit area.  This is the wash & wear drip dry outfit Jerrie wore when she was flying around the world in 1964.  A copy of her original 1970 book about her flight is on display.  You can see those high-heel shoes in the photo above.  She always put them on when she arrived at each stop along her trip.
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This interactive computer monitor can show news reel interviews with Jerrie from 1964 and later as she set other aviation world records.  The image seen on the screen below was taken at the Cairo, Egypt airport before her departure from there.  I noticed one video on this monitor was taken during her arrival in Oakland, California two days before she flew home to Columbus completing her trip around the world.  A second video interactive computer monitor is under the other wing of the airplane not seen behind the display case in the photo above.  A computer flight simulator is half seen behind the tall display case.   I took these photos on Friday, the day before the exhibit opened.
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The Columbus Dispatch newspaper was a sponsor of the 1964 flight.  They posted a story about the opening of the exhibit you can read via this link to a page on their web site:

This is both sides of the card printed for the opening day of the Jerrie Mock exhibit.
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I received this invitation by mail on May 20, 2016.
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I arrived at the museum at 8 AM Saturday morning to set up my computer in the main meeting room.  I started my 15-minute movie of Jerrie's Google Earth departure from the Columbus Airport with accelerated video and some pauses during the flight to Bermuda. The 9-part Windows Media Video files movie repeated a few times until 9 AM.   I would also show it one time with narration to start my 10 AM presentation.