October/November 2021 Vacation Day 12 PAGE 39.

November 6, 2021:  Saturday, There is a parking lot near the Philander Chase Knox Estate that was used as the headquarters of General Henry Knox on this farm location in the winter of 1777-1778 with George Washington at Valley Forge.

This Google Earth image is part of a 360-degree panoramic area near the General Henry Knox headquarters.

I finally looked at more maps and found this farm house that was only seen in an aerial image. It was the place where General Henry Knox spent the winter of 1777-1778.

This is the Valley Forge trail map from the National Park Service.

This image is better focused on George Washington's Headquarters along the banks of the Schuylkill River.  The Washington Memorial Chapel is shown on land that is not park land.

Turn right in front of the covered bridge and follow that state road to get to George Washington's Headquarters.

This is the end of PA route 252 that went past the covered bridge seen in the image above.  That gravel path across highway 23 between the traffic lights leads to the headquarters compound used by George Washington here at Valley Forge in the winter of 1777-1778.  Turn right at this intersection to get to the visitor parking lot from route 23 East.

Turn left here to get to the Headquarters parking lot.  If you are using stop number 5 on the cell phone guided tour, audio recordings 51 thru 55 tell the story here.

This aerial image from Google Earth shows the road to the parking area from Route 23.  There is handicapped parking at the top of the image and regular parking on the left side of the teardrop road in the parking area.

When walking down from the parking lots, the rest room facilities are on the right side as you enter this area, the building at the left of this image.

These huts housed the Commander-in-Chief's guards for General George Washington.  Tourists pass their huts on the way to see the house used as the headquarters..

This is my best attempt to get an image of the information about this place.

This statue of George Washington stands in the garden out in front of the house, which has trees near it.  The image below is on Google Earth.

This is the front side of the headquarters building where George Washington spent the winter of 1777-1778.  It faces the highway, but is hidden by trees closer to highway 23.  There is a park ranger standing in the front entrance.

The rear view of that same building is seen here with a US National Park Ranger in the image.

Less than half a mile to the East on route 23 is this beautiful church.  It is not on park land.

The sign says it all about this active church adjacent to the Valley Forge park.  We pulled in here and parked the car at 11:52 AM.  November 6, 2021

I took this photo while standing near route 23 and had to rotate my camera 90 degrees to show the full height of the building and the bell tower in my view finder.  November 6, 2021

I was waiting here with Chase while Linda went down to the gift shop.  This sign is back by the parking lot.  November 6, 2021

This carved and Gold Inlay sign is out next to the highway to attract attention.  November 6, 2021

Linda took one photo when she went down to the gift shop.  I shows the rear of the church building.  November 6, 2021

We were parked in the space to the left of that white pick-up truck while I walked Chase and gathered some hickory nuts to bring home to Florida to see if they will grow here.  We departed the church parking lot at 12:18 PM stopping at the welcome center at 12:23 PM to give Linda more time in the gift shop.  At 12:45 PM we headed out of the park to go to lunch.

Gulph Road passes the entrance of Valley Forge Park and comes down to this intersection with N. Warner Road.  We turned right and headed west toward a restaurant we both like.

This Panera Bread location was less than two miles from Gulph Road.  We arrived at 1:00 PM.

This Panera Bread location has outside dining which was appreciated since Chase could not go to the inside dining room.  I ordered our usual Panera items and we had lunch at the table seen in this image below.  It was 2:08 PM when we headed back to our hotel.