October/November 2021 Vacation Day 10 PAGE 34.

November 4, 2021:  Thursday is a sight-seeing day down in southern New Jersey in the area near Cape May, New Jersey. Any extended pavement from the US 9 highway beyond the entrance to the Cape May Ferry ends here.  We are moving from here to a good location to see the departure of the ferry.  Beach Street goes south from here to see the Ferry from a better location as you will see below.

This is the outside of that exit from the ferry terminal area.

I parked our car at the open space at the right side of this Google Earth image and got out to take more photos with my camera at 1:05 PM.

Our timing to arrive at the end of Beach Street allowed me to get photos of the ferry departing to go to Lewes, Delaware across the bay to the west, November 4, 2021.

These images may look the same, but the captain is backing away from the dock slowly.  The sea gulls have also moved in flight, except for the gull standing on the rocks below. November 4, 2021.

I wanted to be sure to get the name of this ship and of course the two passengers watching the departure from the dock in their upper level position on the boat.  My camera zoom lens and anti-shake control gets this done.  November 4, 2021.

The captain is turning the ship to bring the bow toward the exit from the harbor.  November 4, 2021.

Continuing to turn toward open water.  November 4, 2021

From this view angle, the wake from the side thruster in the bow is now visible.  November 4, 2021.

The wake from the side thruster in the bow is less now as the ship begins forward movement.  We departed this view point at 1:18 PM, November 4, 2021.

This is an overview of the area we toured in the Cape May area of southern New Jersey.  All the colored dots tell this map program of our exact itinerary.  The blue lines are GPS ground tracks providing many details.

We drove through some residential areas at the south end of the area to see some modest older homes, and these more elegant locations.

Broadway is a north/south road that comes from town to the beaches.  Sunset Boulevard is an East/West road that goes to Cape May Point State Park.  We turned right at this corner to get to the beach.

We got to Beach Avenue at 1:58 PM and turned left to see the beach area.

The in this part of town is at the southernmost point of New Jersey.  The beach is about 2.25 miles in length.  Parking meters and park benches populate the sidewalk with beach access points like this one along Beach Avenue.

A large part of Beach Avenue is populated with motels and restaurants toward the East end of the beach.

We turned onto Reading Avenue to leave the beach behind going north on the way to highways leaving town.

At the end of Reading Avenue a couple of zigzag turns were needed to get over to a commercial street that leads to the state route to get us going north again.  This Wawa convenience store is the first one I have seen that does not sell auto gas.  Wawa is popular in southeastern Pennsylvania and has invaded central Florida in the past ten years.  We turned left here to get to the next turn of the zigzag through this area.

I noticed a few streets with state names coming from Beach Avenue to this location.  The big state of Texas has its name on a very short street here in Cape May.  The ONE WAY sign points the way to everything from here.

Washington Street going north passes by the  Cape May Harbor as NJ Route 109.  This part of the harbor has access to the Atlantic Ocean.  This road on the other side of the bridge is the direction to get to US 9 and continue north.

This is the view looking WEST along the local canal that turns north for about half a mile, then joins an East/West canal that goes all the way to the Cape May Ferry location on the Delaware Bay (WEST) side of the peninsula.  There is another bridge north of here on this highway Route 109.

This second bridge on NJ route 109 is half a mile north of the first bridge down at the harbor.  This bridge has higher clearance for larger boats and ships.

NJ Route 109 crosses the higher bridge then heads for US 9 ahead.  We passed through this intersection at 2:14 PM.

The Garden State Parkway toll road heads north, but we want US 9 for local travel going north.