October/November 2021 Vacation Day 9 PAGE 32.

November 3, 2021:  Here is the beginning of the Holland Tunnel on the New York side of the Hudson River.  This Google Earth image was taken in December 2021.

Here is what you see coming out of the Holland Tunnel on the New Jersey side of the Hudson River.  From the entrance in New York City to This exit, the distance is about 1.65 miles.

Darkness has fallen, but not because we went through the Holland Tunnel.  We passed this location at 6:25 PM on November 3, 2021 and sunset was at 5:50 PM.  The FAA says it is now officially NIGHT time.  This is another reminder that Google Earth needs sunlight to provide these wonderful images.

It was easy to get into one of the two lanes to get headed in the proper direction.

We were heading across the Newark Bay Bridge on I-78 in the dark of course.  Linda saw a string of airplane landing lights directly ahead of us coming in our direction.  The distance across the bay and to the junction with I-95 southbound is about two miles.  The Newark, NJ airport is adjacent to I-95 with two parallel runways near the interstate and the NJ turnpike.

The overpass seen in this image is I-78 that brought us to the exit we used to get down to ground level and join I-95 and the New Jersey Turnpike heading south.

This is a Garmin Mapsource map of my GPS ground track across the Newark Bay Bridge and getting on I-95 southbound. It shows the Newark International Airport with its three runways with two of them parallel to Interstate 95 and the New Jersey Turnpike as the two routes are concurrent at this location.

Every major airport has a number of communications antennas for radio contact with arriving and departing aircraft.  Each of these seven towers has a red marker light at the top.  This Google Earth image shows the structures in daylight.  We passed here at 6:38 PM well after dark.  The red lights would have marked their location.  I was focused on the traffic ahead of me and did not know the towers were there until I created this web page with the image below.

This airport sign faces the NJ Turnpike and I-95.  The background imagery of the control tower and the terminal building along with passenger jets make the point of the sign.

This rotating radar antenna looks DOWN at the ground on the airport from this tower on the East side of I-95 / NJ Turnpike.  It can identify all the aircraft on the airport and airport service vehicles with radar transponders and GPS systems on those vehicles.  Ground controllers can "see" all those signals on their radar screens.

There is a rest area ahead and all of us need this break from traffic no matter what speed it is going.  Since we are in the express lanes, a fly over lane is the only way to get on the west side of the Turnpike/I-95.

We pulled into the service area and turned right on the front row of parking places to give Chase his shot at the grass.  We parked in that empty space between the first hydrant and light pole on the left side of the image below.  We arrived here at 6:52 PM.

We moved the car closer to the main building at 7:02 PM for closer access to the rest rooms for people.  I got the first chance to go while Linda stayed in the car with her dog Chase.  I came back and gave her directions to find the rest rooms in the main part of the building.  The GPS indicated our departure at 7:21 PM as we began to leave the parking lot from the north end of the building.

I missed the cars only ramp and took the trucks - buses exit as we departed the rest area at 7:24 PM.  This rest area is located near Woodbridge, NJ.

Exit 3 from the New Jersey Turnpike is located about 67 miles south of the rest area exit seen in the image above.

New Jersey 168 south is the state highway we took after getting off the NJ Turnpike.

We followed NJ 168 until we reached NJ 41 that is headed over to NJ 55 which is a divided highway.  The GPS pointed us in this direction.

We are going south on NJ 55 down toward Vineland, NJ where our next motel is located for tonight.

We want route 56 EAST with the ramp just beyond the overpass ahead.

Days Inn is our stop for two nights to give us a chance to see some of the sights in South Jersey before we resume our travels.  We arrived here at 9:00 PM.