October/November 2021 Vacation Day 8 PAGE 26.

November 2, 2021:  We are going to Kittery, Maine to take a few photos and add another state to our list on this trip to New England.  This is the north bound ramp to I-95 from US 4 near the Portsmouth, NH International Airport.  We departed the Motel 6 at 9:04 AM.  We passed these signs at 9:11 AM and went up to the first exit in Maine to see the area near Kittery, Maine.

There was some road construction at Exit 1 to bring us to Exit 2 at 9:14 AM going toward Kittery, Maine.

This Welcome to Maine sign was on the right shoulder of I-95 and it is also visible for traffic using Exit 2 north.

This is the south exit from a traffic circle just off I-95.  This is the route to Kittery Point and the harbor where we are going this morning.  We passed by here at 9:15 AM.

Maine route 236 ends at an intersection that has roads going to all the correct locations near the harbor.  Our route at this first pass is to go to Kittery Point to see the harbor there.

I made it a point to drive this area of Kittery using Google Earth when planning this vacation trip.  I found this spot on Maine route 103 along the shore of the harbor.

This closer view of the Kittery Harbor is also from Google Earth.

This photo shows our car parked at the west end of the parking area seen in the Google Earth image above.  The GPS showed us stopping here at 9:22 AM. 

This is my first zoomed photo taken at the Kittery Harbor showing a Light House in the distance and a breakwater closer to my camera location with a few sail boats at anchor.

There is more than one light house to mark the way into the limits of the harbor.  This image is also using the zoom lens setting..

The aerial view from Google Earth shows many boats anchored in the harbor.  I have also pinned where I took my camera photos.

This is a wide-angle photo made for this area of the harbor.

I moved the car to a nearby parking lot at 9:37 AM to be closer to the real action in the harbor.

Google Earth had this image showing where boats are pulled out of the water for winter storage or put back in the water in warmer weather.

I walked between the buildings seen above in the parking lot image.  I managed to catch this truck with a special trailer for lifting sail boats out of the water for winter storage as we saw at Rouse Point, NY.  If the mast is removed, the big rig can take these sailboats just about anywhere.

Out of the water.

I was pleased I could get this image showing the full height of the mast as the truck is moving the boat away from the launch ramp.

Google Earth had their camera vehicle down this alley in September 2019, where I photographed the big rig seen in my image above.  It was 9:51 AM when we left this area and headed back to a gas station we had seen on the way out here.

I pulled up to the fuel pump here at 10:00 AM.  The price of gas today was $3.18.9 to fill the tank with 6.577 gallons.  The last fuel was purchased in Vermont north of Burlington.  I wanted to be sure the tank was full as we head south toward Boston and to Rhode Island where we will be spending the night.

Here we are at that same intersection where the Irving gas station is located.  This time we take route 103 going west for a while beginning at 10:05 AM.

We crossed old US 1 that goes through the old town of Portsmouth, NH.  I had driven this route in Google Earth and noticed how it had traffic problems.  I decided to stay on Maine route 103 west to get to the new US 1 route that bypasses the old town.

This is route 103 west as it crosses old US 1.

Just around the bend of the road seen in the image above, we come to these signs showing our preferred route on the BY-PASS.

Here is the view from the US 1 Bypass bridge crossing the Piscataqua River looking at the I-95 bridge as both bridges cross from Maine to New Hampshire.

This draw bridge lifts both ends to clear large boats passing on the Piscataqua River.

I have been gathering images of interesting sights during this journey.  Here is something I missed completely as we drove past this non-nuclear submarine. This is the USS Albacore that was a secret experimental design that influenced the future of all submarines.  Here is a link to the story of its active duty service.  About USS Albacore  This unique developmental submarine is now a museum open to the public.

Here is a frontal view from the side street.  The sign says "U.S.S. ALBACORE museum and gift shop.  Tour inside the historic submarine."

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