October/November 2021 Vacation Day 6 PAGE 17.

October 31 2021:  Sunday afternoon finds us coming to our last location of interest for today.  We turned left here at 3:16 PM from NY route 3 northbound to the Selkirk Shores State Park entrance westbound where the RED truck is ready to turn left on NY 3.

This is the office that rents campsites and cabins in the state park.

This Google Earth image from October 2008 shows the annual fall colors in full bloom.  This road is heading toward the beach area from the office.

The fork in the road on the right side goes toward some of the cabins seen through the the trees.  The road to the left goes toward the beach area.

The trees are thinning out as the road approaches the beach and one of the RV parking areas.

The paved parking area is wide open for motor homes and fifth-wheel trailers.

We parked our car near the shore at 3:21 PM to get the following photos showing the wind-driven surf as we are at the Eastern End of Lake Ontario with a view to the western horizon.  This surfer with a full wet suit is taking advantage of the waves.  October 31, 2021.

I used the telephoto zoom lens and image stabilizing capability of my camera to capture this image of steam rising from a nuclear power plant 10 miles from here over toward Oswego, New York.  October 31, 2021.

This is the normal wide shot from my camera without using the zoom feature.  There are plenty of the picnic tables stored nearby like the one seen at the left edge of this image.  October 31, 2021.

I was not the only person taking photos on the beach today, October 31, 2021.

The photo below is a separate image I captured after walking closer to the photographer and the park bench.  There is something above and to the right of the photographer which appears to be on the horizon.  October 31, 2021.

I cropped a part of the image above and enlarged that section to reveal there are actually FOUR seagulls in this image below.  I did not notice the one that was diving into the surf when his wings behind his body as the head and neck go into the water.  Another seagull is above the photographers head and blending with the cloud cover somewhat.  October 31, 2021.

I turned away from the surf to see the small building which I would bet contains restrooms for anyone not staying in a motor home or cabin.  There are some larger cabins seen in the background.  October 31, 2021.

We had no problem finding a parking place today, October 31, 2021.  I took this last photo of Linda's Chevy Equinox before we departed at 3:30 PM.

I cropped part of my image of the car above to reveal many picnic tables in the background just beyond the paved area.  Those tables are obviously stored for the winter.  It tells me this place gets plenty of visitors in the warmer months of the year.  October 31, 2021.

I finally noticed how close to the shore the Google Camera vehicle had ventured.  This image of course shows all the trees in this area, one picnic table, and a park bench, with the nuclear power plant cooling tower on the horizon ten miles away.  I made some adjustments to brightness and contrast as I posted this image to the web page you are viewing now.