October/November 2021 Vacation Day 6 PAGE 14.

October 31 2021:  Sunday continues as we head East into the countryside of upstate New York.  I noticed this sign as we got on NY route 18.  The distance to Rochester, NY could be just about right for our Lunch Time.

Less than 1.5 miles from the end of the parkway is this local bar and restaurant on NY route 18.  Ray's Tavern has a web site of course.  That large parking lot says they are popular with the local people.

As I was creating this web page along the south shore of Lake Ontario, I noticed a wide spot in the road called "Uneda Beach" so I took a little jaunt off of NY 18 using Google Earth.  When I got to this spot where the lake is visible, there is no beach as seen from the roadway.

I looked at an aerial view of this spot and discovered there is a small beach here.  It is not a very long beach, but it is there.

Looking at the East End of Uneda Beach, these homes all have a great view of Lake Ontario from the back yard.  Most of them have large rocks piled up on the beach.

When driving along this part of NY route 18, we have seen corn fields, vineyards, and soybeans.  With this much farming going on, big houses near the fields are also here.

Just a few miles East from the big farm house above is the town of Wilson, NY with it's natural harbor.  A place like this attracts money and the boats that come with it.  Or is it the other way around?

This is one of the roads going to the Marina.  Looking at the photo above, all the roads to the water are clearly visible.

This tree on NY route 18 is about 0.4 miles East from Lake street in Wilson, NY.  This is the first location we have seen today where Lake Ontario is next to the highway.  We passed this way at 10:29 AM.

The town of Olcott, NY is less than 6 miles from the town of Wilson on NY 18.

I began to cross this intersection in the town of Olcott, NY and realized when I looked to the left up Lockport Street, what I saw up that way prompted me to make a U-turn and explore this small town.

With all the cars parked in the "painted median", I realized there could be good things to see down these streets.

Lockport Street has homes on one side of the street and business locations on the other side.  What got my attention was the light house at the end of the street.  We drove down this street and turned right at the end of it.

About a third of the way down the street, one can see the old fire house has a bar near the north end of the building.  The refresh rate of the electronic sign with the red and green characters is not compatible with the shutter speed of the Google Earth camera car.

This church is located in the next block north of the old fire house. 

The Captains Galley is a relatively new restaurant with the same electronic display we saw at the bar in the old fire house.  This is the second statue to Civil War soldiers who fought for the Union I have seen this week.

The light house is one of the gathering places in Olcott, NY.  Ontario Street begins here going East on the beach.