October/November 2021 Vacation Day 5 PAGE 7.

October 30 2021:  We stopped at this point on the shore of Lake Erie near PA Route 5.  I created a waypoint in my GPS 296 when I was planning this trip.  A Google Earth image similar to this one let me zoom in to the end of the road at the water's edge to get the exact coordinates for the waypoint.

This image shows a gas station and the Elk Creek Sports Store located on the road that leads to our Lake Erie photo location.  This view shows PA route 5 that passes by the store and continuing East from the intersection ahead.  This is what we saw as we departed this area.

These camping trailers are about half way to where we are going at the shore of Lake Erie.

Here is the entrance to the campground with the office and store inside the building.

Google Earth drove their camera vehicle down this road going past the campground location seen above, heading for the Lake on Old Lake Road.  The image below is after the curve in the road seen in the image below where Google stopped without reaching the lake shore at the end of this road as we did. 

And of course, here are the photos I took at the edge of Lake Erie beginning at 10:21 AM.  Here is my wife Linda and her dog Chase with Lake Erie for the background.  The fisherman at the left is here with his father you will see in another photo below.

Chase has no awareness of the camera or any requests to look at the camera.  He is checking these strange surroundings.  We are a long way from his green grass back yard at home.  I was editing this page on December 31, 2021 back at home and pointed to this photo below to get Chase to look at it here in the office.  He actually looked at it and the image above and looked back at my face as I pointed to these pictures of him and his mom.

We had a conversation with the father and son fishermen about the usual subject: "Are you catching any fish today?"  The son showed us a photo of a large Steel Head Trout he caught a few days earlier.  He locked his hands together against his body and indicated the length of the fish was between his elbows, about 2 feet long.  After that, we said goodbye and continued toward our next destination at 10:46 AM.

Linda had taken some pictures with her camera at this location.  This is one of the fisherman with the inlet and Lake Erie beyond the strip of land.

Linda's photo shows the fall colors and Lake Erie in the distance.  Chase is sniffing in the foreground with his leash going out of the image to the right.  If she was taking this picture, then I am holding the other end of the leash.

She took this photo of me right after I took hers standing near this log.

She took this photo of one of the fisherman looking at a log that is floating in from Lake Erie.

I took this photo with her camera as my camera is sitting on the log.  At least her dog Chase is posed with his face somewhat toward the camera.

We are leaving our Lake Erie access road and heading East on PA route 5.  This intersection is about 8.5 miles from US 20 where PA 5 begins as an eastbound highway.

Less than 5 miles ahead on PA route 5, the GPS pointed out PA Route 98 for the return to Interstate 90 that will get us back on track to our next waypoint.

Some of the local business signs from the town of Fairview are out here on PA 5  where PA 98 southbound begins.

I am sure all the truckers know about the low clearance ahead at the railroad underpass.  Rand McNally has a road atlas for truckers to mark all these low clearance locations.

Here is that low railroad underpass less than one mile south from the PA 5 junction with PA 98.

Here is another reminder of US 20 as the main East/West Highway before Interstate 90 came this way.  In fact, we are crossing US 20 here using PA 98 to get over to I-90 and continue our vacation trip to New York State and some attractions up there.

This I-90 sign is beside a Burger King restaurant that is on the corner of US 20 and PA 98, the road going to the interstate highway.

The top of the bridge over I-90  is at the Eastbound entry ramp.  This is also the place where the OFF RAMP from I-90 comes up to connect to PA 98.  We got on the northbound ramp at 11:09 AM heading for Erie, PA and points beyond in Upstate New York.

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